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Friends & Packs/Clans

Posted: Mon May 15, 2017 6:22 pm
by RazorTA
I think the game really needs a "add friends" option intergrated into the game. Along with this should come a "join server" option. That way we don't have to keep hopping servers for 15 mins attempting to find them, whether it be in pvp or co-op. However, if the server is full, well tough luck. I was thinking a green light which could be added along with the friends list could be shown on a separate screen where we upgrade our wolves. The purpose of the green light is to show which of our friends are online/offline. Green-online. Faded-offline. I believe the way that we can add friends should either be while we are hunting or in pvp. By simply tapping on the other persons wolf would bring up a dialogue box showing an "add friend/mute/report" option. People tend to spam chat with nonsense sometimes which can irritate others, thus bringing in the function of the mute button. Report can be used for various options such as, suspicion of hacking. Anyways, along with the adding friends idea, perhaps a search box, again where we upgrade our wolves, can be intergrted so you may search players by entering the name manually. I understand that many players will have the same name such as Luna. To solve this I thought each player should have their own ID number. An example would be I type in Luna. Then the game would show a list of Luna's in the community. But they'd show up as Luna #1 Luna#2 and so on. To find your own ID number. You could see it listed into the "account" settings/option where the login can be found. I think a creation of your own private lobbies should be implemented within servers. That way if you just want to play with your friends then shoot them an invite to your lobby. Plain and simple right? Would be very useful for pvp matches to prove who's the better alpha :lol: As you may have noticed there's slot of players with DK, CBK, SW, or TA in their names. I'd like to see packs/clans within the game. Although im not quite sure how the set-up should be for said idea. I know this a lot to take on in one sitting, but understand that these are just suggestions.

Re: Friends & Packs/Clans

Posted: Fri May 26, 2017 10:34 am
by Nupoor Chandraker
When I made my first wolf friend in the game, I literally thought about each and every point you have mentioned.
And I also thought I will see many replies, unfortunately I am the first replier. Come on guys no one likes the idea? I want to see replies! I want to see the supporters!

Re: Friends & Packs/Clans

Posted: Sun May 28, 2017 9:52 pm
by Nick
Great idea they should really add this in the game.