Game Options and Stats IDEAS

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Game Options and Stats IDEAS

Post by Pita »

SUGGESTION 1: Scoreboard
It would be interesting to be able to have a personal "scoreboard" chart that kept a record of who you fought, date, and number of wins/losses. The players' level and health number should also be displayed. This information would be helpful in monitoring your growth and battle progress.

SUGGESTION 2: New join PvP or Coop option of players on your scoreboard
It would also be great if there were an option on your Scoreboard page to join the PvP or Coop room they're currently in if they happen to be online. If the room is currently full then you would be given the option to "join when an opening becomes available" or cancel request.

There are some players I particularly enjoy battling but I shouldn't need to have them on my "friends" list as I don't play the game to "hook up". Friending someone can frequently be misleading.

SUGGESTION 3: PvP Customizing Option
It occurs to me that sometimes players might like to join a less challenging PvP room, one that matches their skills/level/health, or a more challenging room.

An awesome feature that would help alleviate frustrated players, (for those who aren't challenged enough AND those who are too challenged), is to add a feature where you could enter certain ranges and/or criteria for a PvP room to join.

EXAMPLE: Health range, Level range, room activity level (rooms actually fighting as opposed to just milling around). Just few to start.

Thank you for the opportunity to make suggestions. It would be great to get some feedback from the developers or whomever the powers may be.


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Re: Game Options and Stats IDEAS

Post by yakuza »

Hey Pita!

Nice writing, specially suggestion number 1 is worth implementing and actually should be already here in RPG-style game like this. I like this idea a lot!

Regarding suggestion 2, that's basically what friends system is about. I guess you shouldn't treat it literally, but more of a set of people you want to keep an eye on. What's really important here, you'll be able to keep an eye only on people that agreed to it (by accepting friend request). Otherwise it would be really creepy if you could track anyone who killed you / you killed. If you enjoy playing with someone - become "wolf friend" with her/him and enjoy playing around!

Regarding suggestion 3 - I see big threat here as it could introduce big issues regarding liquidity (i.e. some groups of people would be left with no-one to play with). General rule of thumb is: the more "specialised" criteria of players matching, the more difficult it is, and requires much, much more players.

We'll see what will be implemented eventually, but I really hope that your suggestion #1 will be introduced!


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Re: Game Options and Stats IDEAS

Post by BOREALIS »

For the third suggestion, maybe they could have the PVP servers they have now (organized by level) and another PVP server that allows a wider variety of levels like in CO-OP.

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