2nd post attempt RE: PVP + STATS Suggestions

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2nd post attempt RE: PVP + STATS Suggestions

Post by Pita »

I tried posting this but haven't seen it posted. I've either made a posting error or it takes the moderator(s) an unusually long time to "screen" the posts for approval.

In any event I will try this again in the event that it was a posting error on my part.

Here are a few suggestions to help improve the PVP game arena, increase game interest, and possibly alleviate the frustration level of game play:

It would be great to have a personal running score board of your personal battle statistics. It would display in chart form: name of opponent with their current level and HP, date of battle last battle, wins/losses against said opponent.

Also, when viewing this scoreboard the opponents name would show if he/she is currently in PVP and an option to join the room they are in PVP. It should also show if they are already a "friend". If not, an option to friend request from this page.

NOTE: I think it is important to have the option through the scoreboard to see if a player you've battled before (not just "mingled" with) is online and join them in the PVP room they're in BECAUSE not all players are added as "friends" nor are all players considered "friends". Additional, speaking for myself, I am a minimalist in my "friends' list" as often times sending or accepting a friends request can be "misconstrued" (hooking up or allying) or concern of inappropriateness due to young children in the room without being able to confirm their age.

It would be good to have the option to "reserve" a "Battle Room" (or "War Room"), so that pack groups have somewhere else to take their personal wars. Currently, it often times become unsportsmanly, extreme vulgarity and threats used, and poor role modeling for children to have it in the main PVP arena. These rooms would be unlimited in player participation size or "spectator" size.

A "Challenge Notice" could be posted of date, start/end time (if deemed necessary you could limit the time a battle room can be reserved for), the participating pack names, pack member participation response button (displays a ruuning count of how many players on either side plan to be there), AND an option to join as a spectator. Perhaps "non-battling pack players" could have a couple of options too. First, respond to notice to join as a "spectator" or request to participate as a non-pack player. A member of the pack would need to accept or decline your battle participation but spectator participation would always be open. Also, once in the battle room as a spectator a battling member of either pack may "invite" you to participate and/or spectator may request to jump in.

The following is a suggestion to help alleviate the frustration of players who feel that they have a hard time finding a room fit for their level and skills.

A "PVP Room Selection Filter" would allow players to set or select rooms with certain parameters rather than only relying on the games preprogrammed setup.

Some filter options would be:
i) Level Range - this allows players to select their interest level. Some like more challenge, others like on par challenge, and others may want a break and go "visit" the more novice pups. (Currently once you've surpassed a certain level your chance of seeing an acquaintance that hasn't moved up as far as you is slim to none). ALSO, perhaps your HP level could be temporarily "lowered" to the highest HP level of a player in the room you're put in if you chose to filter to lower level players. This would help prevent "bullying" or going for "easy free points victims".

2) HP Range:
Just as important as Level Range filter, the HP Range filter will help further refine your "happy comfort zone" of play.

If a list of avaiable PVP rooms were displayed it would help alleviate the constant "coming and going" of players looking for a new room but keep getting sent back to the same room. With a list displayed and option to choose a room at least the player(s) are in control of which room they want to stay in. There could also be a "start new room" option.

Additionally, if the room list could perhaps display number of players in the room, how many "friends" are in the room by using a color code perhaps?, AND just as importantly if the room is "active" or "mingling/in active"...based on the last 10 or 15 minutes(?). It would be great to allow players who are there fight to find room(s) that are actively fighting rather than just "mingling".

Sometimes it would nice to temporarily lower your Level and/or HP in order to have a "fun and fair" fight OR find a room when the room availabilities are slim OR when you don't want players leaving the room because your displayed higher level and HP scare them.

If players had this temporary editing option they would be playing at that edit option until the "cancel" thier edit and revert back to their original setting. However, to avoid "bullying" once you've reverted back to your original Level and HP you would be kicked out of that lower level room if your edit setting exceeds 5 levels above the highest person in the room or exceeds it by 5,000HP points (or whatever makes sense to the developers).

That's it for now. I'm not sure how long it takes to get a post approved but I'm hoping that perhaps I could be notified either way?

Thank you for an awesome game!


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Re: 2nd post attempt RE: PVP + STATS Suggestions

Post by yakuza »

Yep, sometimes it takes a lot of time :? your post is here: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=914 and I posted some feedback there.

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