I found some errors.

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I found some errors.

Post by Lorraine »

Hi. I am a user who enjoys this game.
I found an error when playing the game as an app player.

1. Trap skills are often not recognized.
All other techniques are recognized, only trap techniques are not recognized.

2. When a wolf dies, it sometimes stays lying down.
At this point I can't do anything. Just leave the game room and enter again.
(Other users and animals are not affected.)

3. Ignore user attacks
This is something I often experienced at COOP.
When I hunt animals,
Sometimes it’s buffering and the animal’s movement is stopped, I see a screen that keeps attacking animals.
When I get back to normal after a few seconds, my health has decreased, but the health of animals remains the same. :shock:

[ + ]
Well, after playing the game for a few more days,
the same phenomenon was found on smartphones (and tablets) other than App Player.

This is the first time I've enjoyed playing games for over a few days,
I'm playing fun, just, I want you to fix these errors, thank you:)
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Re: When playing games as an app player

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Re: When playing games as an app player

Post by SnoDragon »

I believe this issue has been reported on the discord, but it’s good to have it in two places! :)
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