If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Okay, I’m seeing ideas for updates for the future game from multiple people, but my idea is to completely rerelease the game to make it even better than before. I will list all sections of my ideas here.

So, the graphics look like The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, and those suck ass. At least make it look better, it doesn’t have to be like Skyrim, Oblivion is okay, but improve the graphics, and also make an option to make it lower and higher. And I believe that we should also update the locations. There should be this many: Rolling Hills, Dark Forest, Mountain Range, and Arctic Tundra.

So the selection of wolves now is good, but here are my edits for edits. So when you start the game, you get to make your own wolf. Choose a Species: Gray Wolf, MacKenzie Valley Wolf, Arctic Wolf, Mexican Wolf, and Black Wolf. They each have different abilities. Gray Wolves have a stronger bite, MacKenzie Valley Wolves can intimidate others to flee using their large size, Arctic Wolves can camouflage with white, Mexican Wolves can hide in brush and jump out to suprise attack, and Black Wolves can run fast. You should be able to change eye color, size, scars, dirt, and fur patches of different colors as other options.

In the hills there is deer, Buffalo, elk, sheep, rabbits, foxes, cougars, bobcats, and rats. In the forest there is deer, elk, rabbits, foxes, cougars, bobcats, rats, Brown bears, black bears, turkeys, and boars. In the mountains there is geese, Rams, bighorn sheep, deer, elk, moose, cougars, bobcats, Brown bears, and polar bears. In the tundra there is polar bears, Arctic hares, arctic foxes, seals, musk oxen, and walruses. Wolves of every kind are also available to attack, and they are NPCs
Prey should run as soon as they spot the wolves, so the wolves must chase them down and attack. If the wolves manage to sneak up on the prey, they can attack them with ease. Larger predators like the bear, musk ox, buffalo, cougar, and bobcat will stand their ground against wolves.

A male and female must hunt together and after a while they can declare they are mates. Once mated, they have the option to go to a cave and have puppies. You see an animation of them licking and nuzzling eachother and then you wait for fifteen seconds while the camera goes away from them so you can’t see them. After that, when the camera goes back, the female becomes pregnant. Thirty minutes later she gives birth to puppies, and it is up to her to decide how many and their gender, yet if she chooses more than four, by random chance the puppies can die due to not getting enough milk. There is a max of eight puppies. For the first two hours of their lives, puppies must be milked every fifteen minutes. If they do not receive enough milk, which happens in larger litters, they die. If the parents aren’t looking after them other carnivores can run by and try to kill them. Puppies can be grabbed by the neck and carried around, but only for a short period of time. Puppies are defenseless for the first four hours of their lives, until they grow old enough for the mother and father to teach them how to fight. You must demonstrate it to the puppies until they get it right, then they can follow you around. For those last two hours after the milk, the puppies need to be fed and given water every thirty minutes. When puppies reach six hours, they are able to follow you around and attack, so you have CPUs in your pack. They cannot be born in PVP. Puppies will despawn from a world if the mates leave.

Wolves can start a pack of four or more of their friends agree. A pack has an Alpha, which is always male, and an Omega, which is female. Packs can be up to 16 members each. In CO-OP, if two packs agree, they can become hostile to eachother and are able to attack. Puppies are not exempt from the attacks, and can be killed. The pack that gets the most kills wins, and they each gain a buff that gives them 2x XP for an hour. Packs can choose an emblem when they are made, and when a pack is made, it’s tags are put into brackets automatically in front of a player’s name. The alpha can disband the pack at any time, and if they wish to remove a member, they must approach them and bite them, kicking them out. An alpha’s rule can be challenged, and if the alpha loses the fight that he can choose to accept or decline, then the alpha becomes an ordinary member and the challenger becomes the alpha.

Seasons change depending on your real world location in the game, making things look different. There should also be weather and a day night cycle, which switches every two hours.

You should have the option of joining a room from a list when playing, or creating your own, which can be public or with a password so only friends can enter.

And so, this is my list. I hope Swift considers my requests and improves the game.
From Sky Sword.

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