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Hi everyone,

Not sure if this counts as creative content, but here's a wolf tattoo I did recently on my right arm.

Looking for wolves in Switzerland is like looking for a needle in a haystack. There are only about 20 wolves roaming throughout the Alps, and the mountain range is huge! Canton Ticino recently confirmed another pack – including three cubs - and we believe the population is slowly growing.

Wolves are a protected rare species, and organisations that campaign for wolf protection here in Switzerland include WWF Switzerland (for which I am a regular volunteer), the Gruppe Wolf Schweiz (Swiss Wolf Group) and Pro Natura.

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Re: Tattoos

Post by Illvminati »

Sköll that's great!

There used to be lot's of wolves in Europe, but now they're mostly in the east. That's really interesting about there only been around 20 wolves left in the Swiss Alps and that you volunteer to help them. Good work!
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Re: Tattoos

Post by Sköll »

Glad you like it.

There were no wolves in Switzerland anymore until a few years ago, they were driven to extinction. The a pack came from the east through Italy and settled in the canton of Grisons (Graubünden). Now the population is slowly growing, but it's hard to protect. last year we had a female killed by poachers, it was very sad.

it's one of my passions, as you can see :)

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Re: Tattoos

Post by Xena »

This tatoo looks great ^^
And in my country (Poland) wolves are endangered species too. It's horrible that in some neighboring countries they aren't protected, but packs are travelling to these areas and being killed legally.
(Sorry for my english, it's not my foreign language ^^)
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Re: Tattoos

Post by Athena »

Cheers !
I have an wolf tattoo too, and yours looks amazing ! Theres no wolfs on my country, but in my religion and beliefs an wolf is my guardian/spirit animal. So after a few years i decided to make a tattoo regarding one.
Here it is:


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Re: Tattoos

Post by AraminNeshoba »


This is my tattoo
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Re: Tattoos

Post by -Nikita- »

The first tattoo i ever gave myself lol needs some work but overall love it!
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Re: Tattoos

Post by White Fang 1 »

This is very cool. I going to get a wolf tattoo on my shoulder after I get out of the Military. I have a uncle who will do it for free. :D

Also in most parts of the world wolves are protected animals the only exceptions being probably Russia and Canada. Here in the United States it is up to the states in which most have wolves as endangered and protected.

I still work at EBI Science and Research which also tracks wolves throughout the U.S. Wolf tracking is highly restricted in the U.S. to keep poachers and hunters away from wolf packs and dens, which means any science institutions that track wolves are not allowed to give tracking locations to the public.
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