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Posted: Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:36 am
by Rogue
  • Player wrote:I have a problem with a purchase I made...
    Answer: If you made a purchase in the game and something went wrong, please send an e-mail to mentioning your Player ID number and attach a screenshot of the invoice you received from Google Play/iTunes. It will be looked into as soon as possible!
  • Player wrote:My progress is gone! I haven't registered my account...
    Answer: Unfortunately we cannot retrieve unregistered accounts. We always recommend to register your account with a valid e-mail address, so your progress would be safely stored. It's the only way to transfer your account to a new device or make sure your progress stays in place if you need to reinstall the game!
  • Player wrote:I forgot my password/I want to change my password!
    Answer: No worries! If you registered your account with a valid e-mail, just enter the login screen and use the "I forgot my password" option to receive a link that will let you reset your password.
  • Player wrote:I want to change the e-mail address attached to my account.
    Answer: Unfortunately, it's currently not possible to change the e-mail address attached to an account.
  • Player wrote:I'm playing using BlueStacks/other emulator, and something is not working right.
    Answer: We only support Android and iOS platforms, while we do not prevent players from playing on other platforms (including emulators) they are not supported and we do not plan to fix issues affecting only them.