Reporting a hacker

Want to contact support? Check here for where to go!
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Reporting a hacker

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If you encounter someone cheating/hacking/exploiting the game, you can report it here. Please use this form:

Reported Player ID:
Additional links:

You're welcome to attach or link any images/videos that could help in identification of the cheating measures. Alternatively, you can still report players by sending an e-mail to

Please refrain from unnecessary discussions in this thread as well as creating new threads regarding this topic to keep the forum clean :)

Additionally, please don't start a conversation on this thread. Only if you are reporting someone or adding additional proof for another persons report.

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Re: Reporting a hacker

Post by S E R E N I T Y »

found this player in pvp. was unable to take damage.
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Re: Reporting a hacker

Post by SnoDragon »

S E R E N I T Y wrote:
Thu May 13, 2021 7:18 pm
found this player in pvp. was unable to take damage.
I don't know this player, but there's an bug that makes you invincible and your special skills not work. Additionally it makes your combat power go down. This wolf's statistics are very high for a wolf with 1.1m cp. Perhaps they had gotten the bug?
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