Increasing the strength of freezing breath skill

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Increasing the strength of freezing breath skill

Post by Mnanauk »

So since you can't neft the VS stats due to the huge majority of players who use this skill refused such kind of change I suggest to increase the strength of FB instead because honestly and according to its price its not that strong and its more weak than VS which has more advantages such as :
Duration : vs duration is more by 6 seconds than the fb
It Works after death : vs users are able to kill you even after they die cause the skill keeps doing damage after you die
Strength : vs is way stronger than fb as I already mentioned a max fb will do a damage around 40-41k but in the other hand we have vs that does at least 65k when maxed :?
So according to this I suggest that you buff that skill where we can at least do around 48k damage at a max level , I know many vs users will oppose this but you really have to do something about the fb skill since you can't nerf the vs , fb should become stronger than it is because honestly we don't feel it was worthy to max fb since there's only 4-5k damage difference between level 12 and 13 and you have no chance when 1v1 with vs player :roll:
Hopefully you take this suggestion into consideration

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Re: Increasing the strength of freezing breath skill

Post by Valtax »

Frozen breath is as fine as it is. The devs have removed the feature of vs able to stack damage per tap, and it has become the weakest skill as far as i can say.

Not only that, they have rised up the cost of upgrade of vs by 75%. It is enough to even fb out even if the stacking damage feature of vs isnt removed.
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Re: Increasing the strength of freezing breath skill

Post by Akami »

Yeah, lvl 13 fb is basically the same as lvl 7 vs ....

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