How to not get Port Blocked!!

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How to not get Port Blocked!!

Post by Quarantine »

Is Port Blocking a Toxic Act? Or just the result of an incompetent Alpha that cant handle the 1 extra responsibility given to them and blame others for the actions they had full control over?

"Port Blocking" (pb) is not the issue here and isn't a toxic act, and I'll explain but first...

By all means port for your team, its really important for the pace of the game and can add strategy and combative advantage.
But, when and where you port is entirely your own choice and if done wrong is "your" fault as the Alpha.

Being Alpha:
You get "1" extra responsibility, just ONE; to make safe passage for your team to allow them to back you up, provide support (healing) or kill time while you wait for skills to charge. Or simply travel across the map quickly. All of which boil down to strategy.

Example to clarify my point:
If you as alpha have ran out by yourself to make a portal and you see 1 or more enemies charging at you with the intent to remove various parts of your organs.
You're faced with a few options, RUN and find back up/ lead them to a trap, FIGHT and hope you do enough damage to make port to go heal, or CALL YOUR FRIENDS :|.
If you chose to call and get blasted than "you" blocked your own portal.
》》》Don't attempt a port than blame others for the choice you made. You timed it wrong. Try again.
》》》 Run up to a white tiger and try to port, watch what happens.

How to Port:
Choose a place far enough away from danger but close enough to the fight, or have others to land the first strikes while you port. Use your map and surroundings to help you identify good, trusted places. Talk with your team to see what they say, Don't pick the same spot over and over as repetition will lead to your demise. Utilising each of these at the right time would be called preventive measures, avoid the possibility of getting (pb), use these tips.

Take responsibility:
your mistake, your mess, your ONE extra job. If you get punished from doing the same thing over and over expecting different results, it's your fault. Own it. Learn from it.

*all this port blocking nonsense teaches is: "it's someone else's fault for the choices I make". If you apply that to our society, kids and intellectually challenged individuals grow up or go on believing that theres always someone else to blame for the out come of their actions or their lack of.
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Re: How to not get Port Blocked!!

Post by Unrealisation »

Great post! I agree with all your points. If you become an Alpha, it’s your responsibility to safely port for your team. The other team CAN port block you, they have every right to do so even if it disrupts the flow of a war. Perhaps choosing the right time and place to port is a skill itself.
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Re: How to not get Port Blocked!!

Post by bjandtheirjunk »

I agree with you 100%. Porting should be a skill and not a right. If the other team is able to prevent you from porting, then they have a better skill than you. If you are unable to successfully port, then maybe you should not be alpha.

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Re: How to not get Port Blocked!!

Post by PharaohSabre »

This. All of it.

Portal blocking is not toxic it's a stragety. And if you as your teams alpha cannot find a way to manoeuvre yourself and your team around that strategy it's no one's fault but your own. You shouldn't be an alpha.

I personally, hate being alpha anyways because I'm too battle hungry for it. I tend to rush into battle right away, forget to port, die and ruin things for my team. So I avoid it as best I can so I don't have to split my focus between the battle and leading my team.
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Re: How to not get Port Blocked!!

Post by snowwhite123 »

I couldn't agree more! I hate when those alphas blame ME for what they did, even when I attack them only by accident when they happen to be on my way when there's a war. And then some of them are childish enough to blame me long after that one blocking. Ok, great, so I can clearly see you think you have no responsibilities as an alpha but only the right to blame others because they break the "rules" made up by some players.
And unfortunately I'm not the only one this kind of things have happened to... The funny thing is that first those "alphas" come right in front of your nose and start to port :D

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