Event Reward Ideas (for the future)

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Event Reward Ideas (for the future)

Post by rain »

I don't play this game much anymore but this idea just slipped into my mind and I decided to write it down anyways, because it could appeal to players who are still active.


Collecting a certain amount of eggs, gifts, candy, etc. from events gives extra rewards.

There would be several tiers of these collections.
For example in this Halloween event, 5 candies give 10 gems, 10 candies give 20 gems and so on.
Please be more generous with these rewards because lets be honest - no one wants 2k points or 5k points
Don't make them jump from 5 to 100 candies as that's not realistic.
It would be good if the rewards get better as more are collected.

Other rewards that can be added in with other rewards in those tiers can include:
- Customizing accessory colours
- Maybe custom name cards or profile picture borders
- Shorter boosts

When you reach the last tier, lets say 30 candies, you get a bonus along with like a/an:
- Hour long boost
- Extra amount of gems and points
- Special event skin(that comes back next year so everyone has a chance)
- Permanently unlocking the accessory for that event

Note: boosts should be activated when a player wants to, and not by default.

What are some benefits?
Almost everyone has an equal chance at achieving these rewards, as they are not based upon power, but rather how much time is spent in the game. By having the tiers spaced out in smaller chunks, players who don't play as much can still get something. It would add to the events and makes participating in the game more attractive.

There is more customization, more fun and more interesting achievements than just running around and gambling whether you get a good or bad gift.

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Re: Event Reward Ideas (for the future)

Post by SnoDragon »

This would be great, as more times than not, you will get a few points from a candy, making me personally not want to search for it. With a system like this, it would make the events much more engaging. The only thing I really use the halloween event for is the boost in xp and points.
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