I found some errors.

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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I found some errors.

Post by Lorraine »

Hi. I am a user who enjoys this game.
I found an error when playing the game as an app player.

1. Trap skills are often not recognized.
All other techniques are recognized, only trap techniques are not recognized.

2. When a wolf dies, it sometimes stays lying down.
At this point I can't do anything. Just leave the game room and enter again.
(Other users and animals are not affected.)

3. Ignore user attacks
This is something I often experienced at COOP.
When I hunt animals,
Sometimes it’s buffering and the animal’s movement is stopped, I see a screen that keeps attacking animals.
When I get back to normal after a few seconds, my health has decreased, but the health of animals remains the same. :shock:

[ + ]
Well, after playing the game for a few more days,
the same phenomenon was found on smartphones (and tablets) other than App Player.

This is the first time I've enjoyed playing games for over a few days,
I'm playing fun, just, I want you to fix these errors, thank you:)
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Re: When playing games as an app player

Post by Unknown Content »

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Re: When playing games as an app player

Post by SnoDragon »

I believe this issue has been reported on the discord, but it’s good to have it in two places! :)
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Re: 2 small problem but valuable if solved.

Post by Singel Army »

    1-: :|
    You know for sure that if we do 10 of the Daily Quests, we will get a prize.  Now suppose a person does 9 Daily Quests in a few days, he just has to do another Daily Quests to get the prize, but if he does 3 Daily Quests that day and each  He takes the three together and gets the prize, but 2 of the dailies Quests he made are lost (not SAVE ). This happened to me twice and I was really upset because I could have won the prize sooner.

    2-: :!:
    Of course, if we kill a champion animal, it will be given some Gems, but I and a few other wolves were not given any GEMS when we killed about 4 to 5 champion animals (I am willing to swear on my mother's life) if she gave me a GEMS by killing them.  It should have been about 15 pieces.  : _ (

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    Re: I found some errors.

    Post by Quarantine »

    Since we're on the topic of issues, these are the common ones that have been around for a long time...

    Glitchy, laggy, down time, skills not registering damage, unbalanced, money hungry, hackers, limited customization, gem shortage, spot blocking, no one wants to be alpha (yet you're meant to want to be), nobody ports in coop cause the alpha is lvl 65 with lvl 35s below them so they just raid the map at 1000 miles per hour, port blocking (if you're playing those rules), developers change things and you get some good with the bad (mostly new bugs; like right now if you fight a bird of any kind near a rock, you better know how to air bite or have fun fighting a rock that crows), PvP servers are full of den bats, the live chat isnt monitored so you see all sorts of mean or terrible things being said (problem being people 6+ play this game, but is the 9 - 20 age range that causes the issue)

    I believe the frame work of the game is flawed and wasn't intended for the growth it's trying to achieve...
    It needs a server update, focused on the long running bugs that have been around since I started playing...
    The backend of the game needs more storage for bigger rooms, more game modes, a level of customization both visually and for each individual to select a proper difficulty for them (more difficulty, more rewards)
    [>*side note*<] - making a difficulty so hard that even sloths are a task would be okay with me just as long as it was your choice to do so and you're not forced into it]]

    I want to feel the rush again that I had fighting with other wolfs to take down a massive champ and finally beating it, we all worked very hard, like I think we ported 20+ times (since there wasnt just one lvl50+ guy/girl melting the champ with a thunderstorm or Frostbreath).
    I found it fun, challenging, and it truly felt like Co-op, (the rewards of 3 gems was trash but I enjoyed the fight) I really believe in this game, I want more of that
    But, the game "NEEDS" work, gotta play it for what it is till the Devs work there magic.
    Words words words

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