Make your own room!

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Re: Make your own room!

Post by Quarantine »

The game does need more personalization and customization to fit the consumer base, unique rooms are obviously a good idea but how would that effect the game as a whole?
If half the people who play the game want to play alone, more servers have to be tracked and processed somewhere which I could only assume lag, crashes, restrictions per day/peak hours of play...there would need to be quite the upgrade on the backend to support this.
As for clans, clan based servers might be implemented sooner with objective maps that your clan has to complete together. Collect flags, kill (x) animals, beat the clock, races (triathlons), 8v8 PvP head to head match (last man standing), True Alpha Matches where you can challenge other alphas or even members of your own pack to a 1v1 (where others can only sit in and watch the carnage)
Or maybe something a bit different...
a survival map where you all face onslaughts that test the versatility of all players: Point of the game? Survive whatever is thrown at you in the allotted time, more players alive at the end, better rewards. But, if all players points (in game not XP) reach a target amount you can get bonus rewards so killing and sharing animals is going to be well worth it. Examples...8 Vampire bats can surround anyone of you without warning, 20 second health drain on one or multiple players, mine fields exist, everyone can attack everyone (so be careful with that area damage), random players can join the room to kill members of your clan (like a mini game we all could find fun when it happens to us)...
I could keep going but I'll stop there, you get the idea
The Devs could keep adding to the list of onslaughts that can happen and you could really spice things up on the holidays 😎
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Re: Make your own room!

Post by Shad »

Awesome ideas. I especially love the clans challenging other clans.

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Re: Make your own room!

Post by Lorraine »

I really want this function, too!
Instead, I have to hunt alone, so I want animals to be strong enough to catch by themselves.

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Re: Make your own room!

Post by SnoDragon »

Hard to do
Dragon is yes

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Re: Make your own room!

Post by IssaWolf »

SnoDragon wrote:
Tue May 04, 2021 7:26 pm
Hard to do
Why would it be hard to do?
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Re: Make your own room!

Post by .Lyrae. »

oml yess. that'd be great

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Re: ¡Haz tu propia habitación!

Post by LoboRaptor »

It could not be easier that it is customizable, it would be good for example that you can attack the other players friendly fire that they say as an option it would be coop with friendly fire or without and also limit the maximum number of players for example 2 so if you put friendly fire it would be one vs one, put a player level limit option so only players of less or equal level can enter your session or by wolf power. :D

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