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So it seems, on this game as soon as you level up to level 45, you have no choice but to play with level 50 players. I think this is pretty unfair, and as somebody who is within that level range I find it difficult to gain XP because of their level 50 advantages. (eg. most of them can take roughly 75% of my health with just one special attack) Because of this, it takes so long to level up.. :cry:
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Re: 45-50

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Totally agree on this matter :c

I think that lvl 50s should actually be put in their own room or something, because they can vary from like 3k hp to 30k hp. And most of the lvl 50s have played for a long time, having a lot stronger attributes etc. (and not to mention the benefits and the upper hand of having Thunder Storm), making it very difficult for lower lvls to defeat them.
Especially, and this is what I personally feel, more of the lvl 50s (I'M NOT SAYING ALL OF THE LVL 50S ARE LIKE THIS, BUT SOME) are more vulnerabel for their life and are more afraid to die than the lower lvls. I really can't understand why people are so scared to die in-game. Like, you don't lose anything, and there are nothing whatsoever that are negative for you when you die. All you do is prevent other people from gaining the EXP and/or points that they deserve. I can fully understand if you don't want to give cheaters or unfair players any points. But not wanting to die from someone so much weaker than you is just straight up bullcrap on your side, seriously :/

I was a quite weak lvl 50 myself, and found it extremely annoying and frustrating when I finally find a good room where people actually fight, but the opponents are a lot stronger than my team, and they know it. But as soon someone stronger than them joins, the other team runs. Either leaves the room, runs to their den or leave before death.

There's no win or lose in this game, only have fun and try to make your wolf stronger. And maybe find friends that have the same interest as you or are just as passionate about the game as you, making the game a lot more fun.
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