Well-crafted suggestions!

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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Well-crafted suggestions!

Post by Nina »

Hi! I live in Brazil, so sorry about my English.

I will give some suggestions for your game The Wolf.

---- Inventory and drops ----

When a player kills an animal, an item will be dropped for it, EXP, Gems (rare), attribute points, equipment items, food, etc.

To be able to store your items, you have to have the inventory, of course.

---- Wolfpack (Guild/Clan) ----

In the guilds, you have the founder, he will be the commander, he can remove the alliance members, change the positions of other alliance players (for example, the deputy commander), etc.

It could have wars of guilds, the team that wins, the founder receives packages that will be distributed to the members, there may be some EXP packages, attribute points, gems, etc.

Of course, the founder / commander or deputy commander can recruit new players, the alliance may have a maximum limit of Guild players, 200, for example.

The Guild also has an illustration image, the creator can use the image from the gallery of the cell phone, representing his own clan!

Depending on your creativity, developers can make a game of success and fun!

---- Friendship ----

Players can send a friend request to each other, when a green ball is near the player's name in the friendship bar, it means that it is online, if it is red, it means that it is offline. They can also have a private chat and send gifts to each other, thus increasing a friendship bar, for example:

When friendship is level 2, they can make "teams". When sending the team request, the other player can accept or not. The location of the players on the map will not be green, it will be yellow (only the team will have this color, so they can know where the team is). The amount of players within the team can have a limit, depending on the level of friendship with each person in the team, can be a bigger team! (Sorry for the repetition of words)

Gifts can be discarded items (obtained from animals), food (obtained from animals) and other things.

You can follow the friend by going to the server where he / she is.

---- Reproduction and family! ----

To better understand, see the following representation

Marcus1300 has the level 10 friendship bar with the player xXYunaXx.

They will be able to form a family, full of wolves, that can help to hunt animals, fight bosses and other things that can be added if they want.

Those responsible for the wolf pups can teach some attacks, but they will also have to wear jewelry with them. To be fair, the man pays half and the female also, thus having a confident "love". Example: To improve an attack of a wolf, need to pay 6, the male pays 3, the female pays 3.

Only the family can create a "home", which is where they will stay, can do underground or live in caves.

---- Languages ----

Brazilian, Portuguese, Spanish and other languages are playing your game! Some can not understand anything, create a server for just one of these languages, for example:

Server 1: English
Server 2: English
Server 3: English
Server 4: English
Server 5: Ensligh
Server 6: English
Server 4: Brazil
Server 7: Brazil
Server 8: Brazil
Server 9: Brazil
Server 10: Brazil
Server 11: Brazil
Server 12: Spanish
Server 13: Spanish
Server 14: Spanish
Server 15: Spanish
Server 16: Spanish
Server 17: Spanish
Server 16: French
Server 17: French
Server 18: French
Server 19: French
Server 20: French
Server 21: French
Server 22: Portugal
Server: 23: Portugal
Server 24: Portugal
Server 25: Portugal
Server 26: Portugal
Server 27: Portugal

And other languages. I believe that it only has English, Portuguese and Spanish, but it is good to put other languages.

In addition to the server name, it could have the amount of players who entered there.

---- New biomes and attributes ----

It has glacier biomes, deserts, waterfalls, forests, diverse species of plants, more access to mountains, pastures, shrubs, etc.

It would be nice to see the effect of the leaves of trees moving according to the wind and falling as well, flying to different places.

In attributes, it could have a part of the resistances of temperature, resistance to cold and heat, for example.

There are different types of hairs, right? However, it can be created long or medium fluffy, such as the Arctic Wolf, so that it can help in resistance to cold. With short hair can help in resistance to heat.

The game can get a little more realistic in this way.

---- Hunger and thirst ----

Lakes can not be so useless, so a good utility is to put a thirst bar, if the bar is full, the player will lose HP (Health / Life).

The same is true of hunger, but it is easier to get food because it has many animals. When the player is not hungry, he can store the food in his inventory or share it with a friend, help the friendship points or simply give him a whole animal.

---- New animals, bosses and events ----

Animals that live in ice / cold:
Penguin, polar bear, walrus, arctic fox, white owl, arctic hare, snow monkey, snow leopard, reindeer, etc.

Animals living in the desert / heat:
Dromedary, adax, desert lizard, feneco, jerboa, Nile crocodile, scorpion of the Israeli desert, etc.

New bosses can be big, strong animals.


Elephants, giraffes, eagles, big and poisonous snakes, hippos, crocodiles, rhinos, sharks, polar bear, lions, hyena, komodo dragon, ostrich, etc.

When giving a warning that a very strong boss has generated, those who find it can open a portal to call the players, even if it is not alpha. The illustration that appears is could be very strong animal, like a tiger, for example.

What about events? It may have some temporary event once a week, such as doubling EXP, attribute points and gems.

---- Sounds / Soundtracks ----

It needs more sounds and sound tracks, only the same loses grace, like the sound of the player's attack, the spells, etc.

Sounds of weather, wind, rain and others (would be a good idea if it rains sometimes).

Also have other nature sounds.

---- Expressions ----

It would be fun to have the button to put expressions and movements for the wolf, such as sitting, jumping, lying down, sleeping, howling, growling and other actions he does automatically when the player is away.

---- Time winner in PVP SAND ----

The team that has completed the goal of killing a certain amount of opposing players (200, for example) gains many attribute points, gems, EXP and 1/2 random items.

Add a type of barrier at the base of each team (only your participants can pass through the barrier). See the following representation:

The red team destroys the blue team's barrier, so the team with the broken barrier will have to rebuild it, otherwise they become vulnerable and without regeneration.

---- Largest Servers ----

It would be great to have servers that serve 16 players. The maps will be larger and will have more heads / animals.


Thank you for your attention, I hope you think about the suggestions.


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Re: Well-crafted suggestions!

Post by Illvminati »

Thanks for taking the time to share your suggestions :D
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