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So as I stated in a previous post, I play this addictive game with my son. He loves PVP, and I am really starting to hate it.

Is anyone else like me, that when you go play PVP, and you just get your ass kicked within seconds, if that? My wolf is a 7100 Health. My son's is around 5500. Yet we always seem to get stuck in rooms where the players are anywhere between 5000 and 20000 health points ahead of us, first off. And their strength is incredible. But it isn't much fun when you show up in port, and you're immediately swiped to death, and you haven't even had a chance to hit any of your own weapons. I find this a deeply frustrating part of the game, because I love PVP, but I just want a fair shot at having a fair fight.

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Yes, this is a common occurrence, and also sort of a debate. A lot of people justify their actions with the excuse that it’s PvP, so no matter how weak or strong the wolf they attack. Although, usually when a stronger wolf appear they tuck tail and leaves. It’s unfortunate how the game has turned out, especially since more and more people gain high attributes but that doesn’t mean that new players won’t arrive, and for these new players PvP will become unfair. Wish the developers could fix the issue so even those with low attributes could enjoy PvP. If not, I do wish those overpowered wolves could show some considerations, because they are ruining the fun for others. It would be better if they looked for a room that match them better.

This is just my opinion and I know there’s those who will disagree along with the comment: It’s PvP, you’re supposed to kill and attack the other team. There’s no rules saying you can’t do this or that. Heard it a thousandth times and I’m tired of it. I just believe in showing the same respect in the game as I would in real life. Easy as that.

I mean no offense, thank you.
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