Personalizing Animals in C00P

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Personalizing Animals in C00P

Post by Unrealisation »

This is a future idea of the developers, something I've had in mind for a while and thought it would be a cool suggestion.
The idea requires that we create/host our own server of course, but that's NOT the main point and what I want to discuss in this post. That's a totally different topic for another day. Anyways...

What if we can personalize animals in coop... like, select animals we want and what we don't want?

Let's say I want to hunt in Wild Tundra. First, I search for all the Wild Tundra servers to see if the types of animals there satisfy me. If not, I create my own room, and that opens up an option for me to select the animals I want in there...

☐ Brown Musk Ox
☑ Elephant Seal
☐ Grizzly Bear
☐ Alaskan Moose
☑ Musk Ox
☑ American Bison
☑ Walrus
☑ White Tiger
☐ Raven
☐ Dall Sheep
☐ Blue Heron

etc. etc.

There could be some restrictions, such as select a maximum of [#] animals, and/or a minimum of [#] animals. You could also choose the level of difficulty for the animals, for instance, animals level 30-60, or 60-99. All champions generated would be based on the animals you chose.

I think this might make C00P for personalized and enjoyable for some players. Just an idea for the devs 8-)
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Re: Personalizing Animals in C00P

Post by Castiel »

Totally agree with this. It's really frustrating when I can't find a decent room with the low level animals I'm looking for. I think this may also reduce the amount of level 50s who play in level 30s rooms, as you can select the level of the animals yourself (I think this is a good thing, as it gives low level players a chance to get more gems out of champions without the aid of multiple level 50s)

I was never a fan of the random server selection, so I think we should also be allowed to choose a server by giving us a list of rooms currently active in a certain region. It would also be helpful if there was information on the type of animals on the server that you could view before you join the room.
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Re: Personalizing Animals in C00P

Post by Siberian Wolf »

Unrealisation wrote:
Tue May 21, 2019 5:12 am
All champions generated would be based on the animals you chose.
Correct me if I am wrong, but you suggesting that you can not solely select champions? Would champions generated in a customized room have the same or higher/lower chance of being generated in a non-customized room?

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Re: Personalizing Animals in C00P

Post by BOREALIS »

I like this idea, but would it be an online or offline server?

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