Quests with Rewards

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Quests with Rewards

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My suggestion would be to add mini quests.
The player could have 3 or so quests at a time.
For example, there could be a quest that says:
Kill 10 tigers.
Reward: 10,000 points/coins.

When the player completes the quest, they get the reward and the quest gets replaced with a new one.
Rewards can be points/coins, XP, and maybe gems (but only 1 or 2).
Quests could be to hunt a certain number of animals or to make a certain number of kills in PvP.
If the quest is harder, the reward should be better.
This could give players a motivation to play more.
Another thing that many other people have suggested are new maps and biomes. I understand that creating things as big as that takes time and that you would have to create new animals for each map, but I think it would be really fun to do.
Thanks for reading!

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