How to beat P2W players

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How to beat P2W players

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So basically I see a lot of arguing in game especially in PvP about people being pay2win.

So unless there's an ungodly gap between both of you, let's say your both level 10 a typical F2P level 10 will have all stats between 5-10 maybe a little higher, let's say the other guy spent 100$ and has all stats at 40+ or close to it fun fact it costs about 1.3mill coins to get them all to 40.

Anyways assuming the gap isn't that bad and they only spent diamonds on skills the easy way to kill them is to find out what build their using or get a team of players together like say 2-3 or 4, if they maxed out heal you most likely can not kill them at this level no matter what you do because it's simply a math problem 200+ health a second for 30seconds these figures aren't accurate but you would need to be collectively doing at least 250-400 damage a second to kill them, most F2Ps at level 20-25 only do about 40-60 damage per hit vs a 40 attribute defence, but fear not as there's an easy way to boost your damage and only one of you need to have it.


Keep in mind you can only use one of these at a time.

Those two skills are your bread and butter as f2p but I don't think you get them untill the level 15+ or 20+ PvP bracket.

Critical boost is great because you can go from say 100 damage in a hit to like 800, I have killed a few weaker players health wise in PvP in 1hit with a critical before.

Then DAMAGE BOOST might be more reliable as it's a steady stream of increased damage and not an rng slot machine.

Group heal will most likely help in this situation as well as venomous skin so having 2-3 players will almost always guarantee a win unless there's a giant gap between you two like say you have 40+ all but they have 120+ or 200+ all you'll be laughed at

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