New skills

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New skills

Post by Kim89 »

I think will be much more fun if you make different skills for everyone . Like in Xman movies 😁
I realized have to much players but maybe 200 different , and will make it much more interesting.
And please make something about leave before dead , it's so annoying .
Maybe rounds in PvP 🙄

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Re: New skills

Post by Wolfbanegod »

Why dontcha check my poll out and some of my other post. Im sure there's some skills your like there.
Like 💡
A new electric Set.
Sure we have ts
But how about
1. Lightning Barage
2. Static Trap
3. Elecrtic Mist
4. Elecrticuting Breath.
Then more fire moves
1. Fire breath
2. Firestorm
3. Firey Vortex ( like a Firey vortex)
Then new style
Antigravity set
1. Take of Fool Hit an enemy and they fly really high in the air.
2. Wormhole trap. (Creates a big hole in the ground. And sky. Way off where the target is dropped)
3. Black Hole (Creates a big black hole. That can take out about 10 medium enemies 20 small enemies. 3 big enemies and 2 Giant enemies. And does a lot of damage on hard to kill enemies. So it sucks them in and drops them down really hard. Takes about half the life of harder enemies. Would be useful in pvp as well. Get one shorted no probably. Just Black hole them away).
4. Gravity Boost. (So this boost your gravity moves)
New type of skills. (Tech)
This is like
1. Holowolf (makes the enemies think you are further then you are).
2. Hire to kill (Hire rhinos, Hippos, Aurchos to kill for you. Or use them as bait in pvp).
And other trap
1 Posion spike Trap.

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Re: New skills

Post by Alilei »

I don't think this game needs new skills, most are left aside. Powers need balance for pvp to be more exciting.
> Basic powers like:
- Fire power, continuous damage
- Thunder that leaves paralyzed
- Ice slowing movement and attack
Note: Power tree divided into individual attack, area attack and trap.
Tree dedicated to totem would be to increase attack, heal and defense.

No use adding more skills that most will not use or that would end up with PvP when using 1 combo, as happens at level 50

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