Life Regeneration

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Life Regeneratio🗣
Instant Life Regeneration👤
Area Life Regeneration👥
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Life Regeneration

Post by Izzy☆ »

I know there is regenerative totem technology.
But I also want to learn other skills.

Area Life Regeneration.
How about this?
I usually hunt herd at COOP (not after level 36) rather than PVP.
I want to be of help. My wolf ....Damage is weak.💦
Or Life Regeneration? Instant Life Regeneration?

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Re: Life Regeneration

Post by TheWolveriner »

Ahhh I see your dilemma! I'm a level 70 champ rank wolf with decent healing skills, so I might be able to help you out here :)

Shown below is how I personally use the different healing totems. Since we all have different playing styles, it might be a little different from what others might say, especially the more experienced wolves :) But here it goes!
  • Life Regeneration (LR): I love love love this skill! It's cheaper than the other heal skills and it works amazingly well. Load times are great (25 seconds), which allows me to load another aura faster. Also, if you plan on getting your health higher in the future (i.e. 20k hp), this skill will help you stay alive a lot longer. It works best with people with a larger amount of health. I use this heal skill the most :)
  • Life Regeneration Totem (LRT): My second favourite heal skill! I like using it when fighting larger animals in a pack COOP, it lasts a decent amount of time. In this case, I don't mind the load times (80 seconds), because it frees up my aura skills (mainly Damage Boost). However, one negative thing about this skill is that animals (auros, mammoths, rhinos, dark alba's etc.) can whack you out of your healing totem and stun you. By the time you reach your healing totem again, it would disappear within a few seconds. You would have lost a significant amount of health trying to get back into it, mainly because the animal is still attacking you. However, I have seen a maxed out LRT, it heals like you're in the den, maybe even better :lol:
  • Area Life Regeneration (ALR): I rarely use this skill because of the load times (45 seconds) and the fact that it prevents me from using Damage Boost faster while hunting. I have experienced a few times, someone finding a large champ right after I use ALR. By the time my Damage Boost aura has loaded, the large champ is dead. This basically reduces the amount of gems I can receive from large champs, and I'm hungry for gems :D However, if I am hunting with a friend, I sometimes combine ALR with LRT to get a more powerful heal, but I rarely do this :)
  • Instant Life Regeneration (ILR): I honestly don't use this skill at all for a few reasons. 1) Load times (35 seconds), 2) I have a decent LR skill that does a similar job, 3) in the long run, this skill is more expensive than LR. For example, overall, a maxed LR would have cost you a total of 19,640 gems, while a maxed ILR will have cost you 49,100 gems :shock:
I hope his helps you Izzy! Again, we all have different playing styles, so find one that works for you :)

  • LR: Life Regeneration
  • LRT: Life Regeneration Totem
  • ALR: Area Life Regeneration
  • ILR: Instant Life Regeneration

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