About "Poison cloud AND Hurricanes"

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About "Poison cloud AND Hurricanes"

Post by Andromache »

I am a user who prefers poison cloud and hurricane skills.
In fact, I prefer poison attacks, but the cooldown of 45 seconds is quite large. (It's 5 seconds apart)
I am not a user who has invested money in the game anyway, so I want to upgrade only one skill.

I tried using various skills, and my favorite skills were Poison Cloud and Hurricane.
It would be nice to upgrade low cooldown skills, but I don't think I can afford gems.
Which of the two skills do you prefer: Poison Cloud and Hurricane? Can you help me with my choice?
Both techniques deal pretty good damage.

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Re: About "Poison cloud AND Hurricanes"

Post by SnoDragon »

poison cloud, because it does damage after you die
Dragon is yes

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