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Post by LilBrat »

I noticed that the ability to knock off hours or unlock quests now is not an option for me with the new update. Also amount of videos to watch for gems and coin is not as much. Anyone else having that issue? What's up?

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Re: Quests

Post by itssBlue »

So pack weekly bounty is focused on quests, thats why that side of things changed, for example 8 hours quest timer on Premium. As for the other side of things, i'll get that checked. Thanks!

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Re: Quests

Post by K_al_Roudhan »

Yes I’m having the same problem no ads to make the quest faster, only 3 quests a day that makes the game boring

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Re: Quests

Post by Quarantine »

The pack rewards should be a collective quantity and quality of animals and enemies you take down not based of the quests, frankly more complex quests need to be added with complex rewards to follow. With more frequent cooldowns, basically dont try to make it harder for those who dont p2p the game just to get 2000 coins or 5 gems.

A "co-op meter" is something I suggested before, where the more you work together with others (like attacking the same game) the meter will climb, if you heal others the meter will climb. If you help others in your own "clan" the meter will climb faster, making a portal for others can be a good builder as it's truly the only thing that can gather everyone together for a reason, give a bit more incentive to want to be alpha.

To expand on my first point, we all have a profile, in that profile is tracked kills and what not, track more things!!! Base clan rewards off all sorts of tracked things like distance ran, times died, total healing, total healing from others, total healing you've done for others, highlight the player that's helped you the most, highlight the player you've helped the most...have positives and negatives like for example: time in game standing still can be tracked as "dead time", to avoid people from just standing still in game not doing anything, the game is too fast paced for those that just "stand there" like in a den or camp on mines or not make a portal cause you wanted to go make a sandwich.

I'm sure others can build on this, cause the quest based reward system forces you to wait mean while you're playing and all the other stuff you do doesnt count...account for all good deeds and bad deeds and base rewards off positive behavior for the game and watch how positivity grows, unify us stop dividing us more and more, this isnt meant to be politics
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Re: Quests

Post by Mallory »

Not only the shorten quest time is gone (that REALLY sucks) but for me, if I click on watch an ad to double the rewards, more times than not it says Ad not ready, try later. I try again, and it doesnt even bother with an ad, just gives me the original reward.

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