Use more than one skill.

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Use more than one skill.

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Aura slot.

We should be able to use two more skills with this slot.
We see it possible when people combine battle orders and healing or DB this should be allowed in game.

With this current meta DB is which is strength is so dominant that everything else is neglected. Speed HP healing Crit no one uses them anymore because There are only two functions of this game and DB solves everything.
Since no one uses these skills why not bring them back by allowing us to stack on. This way pvp has more variety and is more interesting to complete in.
As a player's part what is the sense of maxing out skills you will never use.
That in itself will bring in more profits because we will grind for the skills we like. Not just for the skills we need to get by and then it's done.
It gets boring when there is nothing to stimulate us in the game play for we can't do anything with packs it doesn't help us to strive for pvp or do anything in coop.
We should be able to use one more skill in the special slot and basic skill slot.
The catch would be that u can only double up on skills if they are the same mechanically.
Please take this into effect because it is getting really boring doing this day in and out without anything to stimulate us.

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Re: Use more than one skill.

Post by itssBlue »

Appreciate the suggestion :) thank you for taking the time to share!

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