Better Animal Difficulty & Spawn Rate For All Maps

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Better Animal Difficulty & Spawn Rate For All Maps

Post by Unrealisation » Tue Dec 03, 2019 6:37 pm

Whenever I plan to COOP, I usually go to Legend Mountains or Mammoth Creek. The animals there are often more challenging or give me more coins and gems.

Yesterday I visited COOP in all four maps and all three servers because there was a lack of players or animals in every COOP room I joined. I found myself running around the map way more than hunting, and even with VIP, I hardly earn many coins. As a result, I wasted 15-20 minutes trying to find a decent COOP room that I can stay and hunt for a while.

After having no satisfaction, I hopped off the wolf for about half an hour, then got on the game again in the hope of finding a suitable room---yet still no result. This is the first issue, and I think the developers should create an abundance of animals with a good spawn rate in every coop room, no matter the number of players in the room or the map. I want to hunt, not play hide and seek with the animals.

This is a description of what I would call a "Bad" room in Legend Mountains, for instance: condors everywhere, a few groups of black mountain goats, a crocodile after half a minute, etc. And the room has 6 out of 8 players (one or two players in the level 40s, the rest are all level 50s) — poor spawn rate.

Now, I've said before that I also checked older maps such as Green Hills, Dark Forests, & Wild Tundra in all three servers (US, EU, Asia). I understand that these maps are meant for lower levels, but I honestly miss hunting in these maps. The reason that I don't hunt in these anymore is that it's not challenging enough for me: low spawn rate, easy prey, little coins.

With this in mind, I propose another idea: whenever the game creates a coop server, such coop server is automatically numbered from (1-5). One is the easiest, and five is the most challenging. The labeled numbered will impact the types of animal, its HP, damage, defense, and coins you will earn. This option would not be available for players until they've reached level 50. Before I join a coop room, I can select the difficulty option (1-5) and select a map. By adding this feature into the game, I can hunt in any map I want, even Green Hills, and still find COOP fun and challenging based on my wolf's current ability level.

Your thoughts on this?
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