Attributes at new levels

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Attributes at new levels

Post by Wolfbanegod » Sat Jan 04, 2020 5:30 pm

Attack 600
Hp 600
Defense 500
Speed 150
Plus a few new attributes
So there's two different forms of attack in the game.
Energy and Pyshical.
Energy attack attribute.
Makes you energy moves more powerful.
Beast attribute.
This unleashes the inner wolf's.
It also allows your attributes to go beyond max.
It's like an extra leg.
Beast is at 200 × 600 attack.
So instead attack max raises to 120k.
Beast hp 200 x 600 120k hp equaling close to 500k hp bar. health. It's not a cheat more of a boost stat.
Beast speed. 200 × 150 = 30k speed. So your more like a blur.
And beast defense raise defense to 100k so it takes a lot to kill you.
So Beast is a multiplayer attribute for your stats.

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