Getting less gems for champs

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Midnight Lightning
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Getting less gems for champs

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I noticed that if I take down a champ at myself for just me and maybe one other person take down a champ, me and a couple of people we get less germs are used to. For example there were 2-3 people taking a croc champ down and I got 2 gems , someone else got none. We used to get a lot more than that for a croc champ at least 8 gems it might have been higher than that. A croc champ is too much work for that little amount. It’s not only on croc champs either.

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Re: Getting less gems for champs

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Happened to me a lot of times also when you do the last few bites to finish it you will get Max gems of that champ.
Mostly when many wolves 4 or more most of them gets zero gems or very low amount if lucky and only one gets MAX gems. Been testing many champs with friends to figure out how to share gems equally.
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Re: Getting less gems for champs

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TRUE, me also

Group attack, youfight and die 3x. YOU return again to find the prey dead... no points, no gems......


so I don't t answer Alpha calls RP or otherwise because the apportioning of coins and or gems is way off.

UNFORTUNATELY this defeats the whole premise of grouping up.....

Ok, so now I tend to go Solo......

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