New Skills

If you have any ideas regarding improvements that can be done in the game, post them here! Developers read this section frequently.
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New Skills

Post by Wolfbanegod »

[Black hole
Fire Breath
Electric Set:
Static claws
Electric bite
Static Trap
Lightning Garage
Lightning Vortex.
Solar Sets:
Ultra Violet Strike
Solar flare
Exploding force
Solar storm
Eclipse or die
New skill type: (Tab) Technical
Hire (allows you to hire prey to kill for you)
Spike trap
Acid portal. (Creates a portal for other team confusing them)
Poison Explosive
Static Nova
Solar Nova

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Re: New Skills

Post by MoHeGaN »

Sounds great skills:)
Also if there is a Totem that protects you from Poison will be great
Black Aurochs are killing us with poison xD
Let’s Make Things Better :D

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Re: New Skills

Post by Kair »

First of all, I have been playing this game not so long. But the one thing that should be added this is the button: “JUMP “ . I really like that the wolf can run but please give him a skill jumping. There are a lot of huge stones and mountains around the map and I really want to climb all of them. But I can’t.
Another thing, I would be really grateful if you added a voice. Because sometimes you just want to howl but you can’t do it without teleport.
Finally, it would be really interesting to make such thing like clans, but it could be called packs and there could be only 15 numbers or may be only 8 to play together on the maps. And then there could be packs fights or something like that.
I would be grateful if you added this skills to the wolf .
P. S. I’m sorry that I started writing not only about skills (><).

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Re: New Skills

Post by Danyel »

Suggestion for future skill perhaps

What if we had another animal that we bring with us that helps us hunt? Perhaps said new animal can only hunt champs? Since people complain about shortage of gems that may help alleviate a little bit of the issue


Maybe a separate map we can go into that has nothing but gems and add perhaps a time limit to it.

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