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Facebook The Wolf Simulator Global

Post by SomLynx » Mon Jan 13, 2020 3:28 pm

Heyas gang

Join us at the Facebook sister site The Wolf Simulator Global. It’s easy, just agree to the community rules and your in. We have a recruiting station where packs can post their requirements, players can easily search among the various packs and see which may suite them best. It’s a good place for laughs, jokes, we have just for laughs contests at times, venting is allowed but keep it clean, and we like to think our site is clean enough for the very young. Granted some do get missed but hey we’re wolves, but it’s very easy to report and let out admins know somethings not right.
Remember it’s called The Wolf Simulator Global, we added the GLOBAL for we wanna attract all types and make them feel welcome.

Oh yea and Tell them SoulXViciousSlayerPSKâ sent ya. :lol:

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