Player Killed me at COOP!

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Player Killed me at COOP!

Post by MoHeGaN » Thu Feb 06, 2020 9:41 pm

Hello everyone 👋

Map: Mammoth Creek 50-50lvl
Server: EU
Time: 8:45 GMT

An hour ago was on COOP Mammoth Creek map fighting Mighty Rhinos with two others wolves.
Just like any normal day having fun and coins on big animals.
Room was laggy then came (Player13091938) lvl50 and joined the fight.
Now he/she attacked me with Life Steal skill and killed me!!
How that supposed to be on a COOP map?

I hope its a lag or a glitch and might be a Hacker! Who knows.

Posted this to moderators and Swift Apps to get some answers for.
Thanks 🙏
I attached a screenshot that proof that (Room chat) said: Me Killed by Player13091938
And lefts after that in a second.
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