Limited Gems gained in the game

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Limited Gems gained in the game

Post by littleblkf » Sun Mar 22, 2020 8:10 am

I am a newbie to this game and now reach 40lv playing almost a month.

Killing the champ to obtain gems for skill upgrade is what I do everyday. It is found that very limited gems when we hardly kill the champ, normally 0 gems to 6 gems for one champ.

Studying a previous post for the list of skill upgrading requirement, found that a couple of thousands gems, even up to several thousands, are required to level up one skill.

I have no objection for the high level skill (may be lv 10+) requiring a certain high barrier for upgrading 1 lv. I now need 1000 gems to upgrade the critical boost from lv 8 to lv. And if I work hard for this game playong all days, luckily I may get a hundred of gems and it is just one-tenth of the requirement. That means I might use 10days just for leveling up a skill if I do not pay in this game. In fact I am hopeless to this circumstance.

All we know a game is created to earn money. Keeping it functioning and letting new elements coming in is for earning more money. Is it realistic to adjust the upgrading difficulty? Lets say killing a champ may get 10 to 60 gems to lower the difficulty. It may give a more exciting game environment to the players. And finally players give more fun to the gamers.

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