Patch needed

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Patch needed

Post by Wolfbanegod »

Everyone, not just me but I mean everyone is always getting disconnected. Some of us cant even load the game without it disconnecting, Its really annoying when you have 4 quest to do. And it keeps saying error to load the room. Or your not signed into any other device and it says to disconnect from the device and logs you out. The game needs stabilised and these errors fixed. Or you might as well shut the game down. Cause a lot of people including me will quit. Not to mention my signal is fine until I download and play your game. And it effects my cellphone signal. So that needs fixed really annoying.

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Re: Patch needed

Post by nightmare3 »

Luckily I don't have troubles getting into the room no more. But sometimes when I'm playing the game just decides to give up on me and boot me out completely... Last time that incident occurred it lost me some good progress too (got another post all about that elsewhere - so I won't go on about it here).

Anyway, it still needs some pacthes for saving, stability and general performance improvements for sure.

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