1v1 PvP Matches

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1v1 PvP Matches

Post by nightmare3 »

So I was thinking that we could have some sort of arena (similar to PvP) in which we can fight on a 1 versus 1 basis.

Skills and levels will be more evenly macthed at first and we can have some sort of a leaderboard that resets automatically each month. With gems and points (maybe new skills or a badge on your profile that other players can see?) given out to every player that competes (the higher up you climb on the leaderboard, the more rewards you get, but also the more likely you are to be macthed against higher level players).

Of course I love the game as it is, but I feel like it needs something more to keep players coming back every day. If something like this were to be considered by the developers, I would prefer it if it were just a game mode that players can choose if they wish. (This would leave the game with three modes Co-op, PvP and Arena.)

Let me know what you all think, this is after all just a suggestion :lol:
And I've yet to think of a better name than Arena... Someone please come up with a more unique name than that :D

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Re: 1v1 PvP Matches

Post by Mayathewolfpup »

I agree

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