Automatic system of inactive players

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Automatic system of inactive players

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Good morning developers. I am very unhappy with the detection of inactive players. in my humble opinion you are forcing a confrontation in the arena and this affects a lot. just yesterday i was waiting for the right moment to counter attack the enemy, however i was expelled from the room and this is very frustrating and humiliating. You must consider that this forces everyone to confront in a period of time and ends up leaving the pvp something boring, something mandatory. We already have our obligations in the day to day of our real life, our virtual life in the game is to be relaxing, and to offer entertainment and joy, and not to become something mandatory, where it forces weaker wolves to attack stronger ones who are very hostile and even with cowardly words calling me weak players, so I just can't get kicked out of the room. in other words, besides being humiliated, do I have to confront this opponent in order not to be excluded from the room? this is really humiliating !. I was very sad about the game yesterday and I believe that I am not the only one. that was the only thing that you missed in this update and there are sure to be a lot of disgruntled players leaving the game Why is it turning into something totally dishonest for younger players. And another point of dishonesty is the attack in the air, where not everyone has the cognitive ability to learn this, which because there is no specific button for an attacker in the air, and many take advantage of this ability to kill everyone and still humiliate. I think you have to make the game the same for everyone, and not benefit some so that they will humiliate others. I hope you will read this carefully and give feedback, because I like this fun game and I hope to continue playing with equality and friendship with the other players. cordially Éden Simões.

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Re: Automatic system of inactive players

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Hi there, could you elaborate more?

The timer is only if you are completely afk essentially. If you are doing other things while biding your time to attack that isn't going to trigger it.

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